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We are Divine and multi-dimensional beings acting, functioning in this human frame –Of body, Mind and Spirit and beyond- with the potential and abilty to hold consciousness on various levels of awareness – We have a Divine right to offer our energies, Of Love, compassion and creative expression to effect, Nurture and Heal; Explore and Shape our World in the hope of making it a safer and better place for ALL on ALL Levels of existence- We as instruments of Spiritual Light, Love, Power and Energy also have the opportunity to effect Karma in a positive way at every Level on this Planet as never before- 
Help Make the Dream come True and Define a new reality that is built on Peace, Compassion, Love, Joy, and Oneness-
Experience the Consciousness of the Heart in
'The Breath of Siva Temple'
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G- machine etc bla bla
The First EFCC* Machine, Golgotha, or "G"
  Energy Field Consciousness Calibrator
                      The Teth Healing System
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