Breath Of Siva Temple -
The EFCC* serves to help and aid in general healing and balancing of the aura and subtle bodies- the psychic, mental and emotional atmosphere - A Spiritual healing and meditation aid. Our first EFCC machine is installed in London. While the immediate concentration of the vibration is mainly the London area, the EFCC* has an unlimited range in its radius of influence and vibration which may extend to the upper reaches of the stratosphere: Also reaching deep within the Lithosphere of the Earth's crust. 
Since the EFCC* has an unlimited range in it's radius of influence and vibration, it can also be used remotely. (Please email request for further information)
This is due to the Higher Energies that were channeled into the machine at the time of the Blessing and Charging.
During the Blessing and Charging, the energies were channeled and initiated in a pure and sacred manner by both Dave and Rosina.
The stones and metals used, while they have specific energies inherent within them, were not programmed or limited in purpose.
At the time of the Blessing, the Higher Energies were allowed to flow freely and without constraint or limitation and certain symbols were included to extend the effects beyond the limits of klnown time or space.
Included in the construction are elements of the Sacred Sciences, Psychic triggers for various Planetary influences, and Sacred Geometry.
While the combinations of materials used are classified for the time being, the effects of the EFCC remain to be seen.
The EFCC* amplifies and radiates positive Healing energy--Balancing mental, emotional, Spiritual, and physical forces; Etheric and psychic energy 
and the utilization of what is often termed Tachyon Field Energy - and cosmic elements of what is known as Dark Matter.
It harmonises the mind and body in an intense and continuious flow across an unlimited radius. The immediate vicinity of potency and influence is approximately 100 miles (its vibration and influence extends up and down as well as across the area)
The same effects can be used remotely, from a distance. It also acts as a purifier of these energies and transmutes and balances negative thoughts and feelings in the general atmosphere and throughout its active field.
The First EFCC is called _G_ "Golgotha". It was constructed in the first week of April 2010 - It was blessed and named on Good Friday. It was charged by various forces/sources on the 8th of April 2010 and is now operating in the general London area. The machine amplifies and radiates healing energy - balancing mental, emotional and Spiritual forces in the general environment - Its effects help to harmonize the mind and body.
The "G" EFCC meditation can be sent on request to those who wish to experience its effects; To tune in remotely and to receive general updates. We request names and email addresses so that we can keep a list of participants. We ask also to be informed of any experiences during meditations.
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