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Swami Vivekanada one of the greatest Spiritual masters of modern times hinted of the dangers of fanatatical religious belief systems - 'If a man believes a stone to be God and he becomes a more forgiving, loving and a better person because of it, then who are we to say it isn't True'.....and I agree that we all believed the world to be flat before 'awareness' and consciousness changed our perceptions to reveal a greater truth... We all have so much to learn and as hopefully Consciousness expands we will discover greater truths...Spiritual Pride and fanaticism is the weeds that infiltrates the Heart and eventually strangles our natural instinct to LOVE- I believe LOVE to be the most natural state of the Soul- as so did the Living Khrist and that the Truth shall set us free- not through Pride, intolerance and fanaticism-but through- Living Truthfully - That is the Dharma of True Religion-"..nondogmatic and nonsectarian. The practice of this Religion of truthfulness or righteousness is Light: Love, Naam-consciousness or Shabad-Surti, God-consciousness, Spirituality, Divine Life, Harmony, Peace, Spiritual Beauty and Power, Knowledge, Forgiveness, Objectivity, Timelessness, Pure Being, Oneness, Detachment, Viveka, Selflessness, Fearlessness, Freedom, Stillness, and so on..."
Dave Davies

"Throughout all of my travels and soul searching and exploring many facets of my life and inner personalities and nuances of what I think I am, in the end I always arrive at the same place. At the feet of Siva. At the door of my own Heart which is forever open. As I step inside I find my world is turned inside out and inside is outside. I was always Home. Some times the door seems so open that it could swallow the world whole. There is ONLY LOVE." Dave Davies
Spiritual energy takes its own TIME - like nature-
We can't force a flower to grow even if we nurture and prepare the soil and feed it nutrients and give it our full attention - It can only become a PURE flower growing in Celebration of its own becoming- according to its own nature- If we force it too much or water it too much it can wither and die and dysfunction- working against its own Nature-
This is the time of NURTURE- If we can learn or re-learn how to  NURTURE and balance; we can help the World amidst the intense and immense turmoil that is before us.
A time when we all must take on the responsibility of being Spiritual Mothers and Fathers at one and the same time – A Time When the Heart 'needs' to rule the MIND.
The modern Mind has run rampant and has lost its abilty to reason in a balanced and whole way . The Heart NOW needs to take charge of the situation before we seriously lose our MINDS- The Heart needs To guide the intellect and the conscious ego- and the MIND-
At the HEART of the problem is, that The Heart Does not understand polarity- It does understand ONENESS- a round- a circle- a WHOLE- It understand the ALL- It IS ITS NATURE! The Mind only understands a part of what we are- It only understands what is of itself- The Mind changes and fluctuates- Is right then wrong then up then down – then around then sure then not so sure- but it is definitley full of 'things'.
The Divine Spirit is what we REALLY are- and is not the body. The mind, the intellect, the emotions yet where and what is IT!
The Heart KNOWS ALL- for within the Heart there is a Door that is waiting to be opened by each and everyone of us- A Secret, Sacred Portal to a Wonderful Universe. A Magickal inter dimensional gateway that leads us directly to our DIVINITY. - Pure LOVE can effortlessly turn the Magikal key to our salvation – to our awakening-to another stage in our evolution for this lost and lonely species that has roamed the Earth- Dis-inherited , Dis-Spirited-Isolated, always ALONE.
As we enter this portal we are sensing new growth, new vistas of awareness – a flowering of consciousness that will reveal our EVER ancient yet NEW SELF- The Self that has always really been HERE- Standing silently, watchfully for our return- Nurturing and guiding according to iTS Holy Nature- Waiting For us to NOTICE ! For US to look around and realise and SEE that we were never ALONE!
With Love-
Dave Davies
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