Breath Of Siva Temple -
Our doors are open to all genuine spiritual seekers: to those who want to pause and meditate, to those who want to worship and study, to those seeking comfort, to those celebrating the cycles of life, and to all who seek to rediscover their authentic self, their Spirit.
Our purpose is to join voices, hearts and hands together, as one family in spirit and in friendship, in prayer and in celebration, in acts of Heart consciousness and loving kindness, in order to build a better world.
For an annual fee of $40, members will have access to all areas of the site and subsequent downloads, a membership card. A Breath of Siva Blessing performed personally by Dave and Rosina. Spiritual practices and meditations to further enhance ones spiritual growth and evolution, and a specially Blessed and Charged - a unique wire wrapped crystal. For use in meditation-psychic protection and healing.

For more information regarding membership:

Blessings of Love and Peace to All !

If you would like to offer help and support  for the upkeep and services of our Temple, we sincerely appreciate all donations. 

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