Breath Of Siva Temple -

   Teth Healing Session

from Barabara H. L.A .USA

At the end of April 2010, Dave asked me if I wanted to participate in a healing experiment, and receive a form of Reiki healing from him. I said, yes, definitely. He and Rosina conducted the healing and then told me to keep in touch and let them know of any results and healing progress. Since I have had certain chronic conditions for so long, most of my life - which is 63 yrs now - I was at a point in life where I had given up some hope of expecting anything to happen. I just accepted the kind healing offer without any big expectations for any results. 

There has been much stress in my life,  especially for the past 4 yrs, financial and health, and my body was breaking down fast from the heavy stress. I experienced frequent panic attacks and constant anxiety. I had asthma and a hard time breathing and have had digestive illnesses all my life.  About 3 months after the healing, August 2010, when things became unbearable, I had a sudden breakthrough.. I had been praying for myself too... and knew that I was in a life or death situation..Very gently, the heavy stress and anxiety over my problems stopped,  and much of the physical symptoms stopped too as a result. This literally happened overnight.  I have never had any real setback since, even though my outer life continues to be under a heavy burden.

There have only been a few days of tense anxiety, but it was not anything like the anxiety that I had experienced all my life. And it passed quickly. All of this, I consider a true miracle - as this illness of mine had a tight grip on me, and there were times when I thought I would never be able to overcome it. I cannot say that I am 100%, but there has been a definite shift - a big shift. Physically, many symptoms have stopped.  I feel much more faith, and I hope to become stronger and stronger. I can say without doubt, that anything is possible from the spiritual world...through prayer, or whatever you wish to call it. With much gratitude,Barbara H.
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