Breath Of Siva Temple -
The Eyes of Lord Siva

The Lord Siva created the Buddha energy field that pours forever out of his eyes - out of his vision of Spiritual bliss so that human kind may always be reminded of its highest potential and to inspire the seekinmg Souls  - that there is always a way back to our/their Spiritual Home-Om Namah Siva Ya

Look deep into the eyes of Siva and absorb his magnetic power - after some time close  the eyes and feel the magnetic etheric energy all over you, within you, and around you- Fill your whole being with this force and see the whole Universe as Loving, happy, and safe and in perfect balance.. and know that we are all one with his Love, Wisdom, and power-say Om Namah Siva Ya 5 x then bow to the Eyes Of Siva and finish-
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